Payment options

All goods must be paid in EURO by bank credit transfer in advance. With foreign customers from the not euro-zone the suitable change fees must be considered by the customer on the payment. The customer has to bear basically the costs for foreign transfers. Is valid for orders by cash in advance: The order becomes immediate by email under information of all payment information confirm. The stated final amount is to be paid within 7 days, otherwise we reserve ourselves the right to lift the reservation of the ordered goods. By reasonable payment delays we are immediately telephone or to inform by email.

You can pay by:

usually by cash in advance by bank credit transfer (for new customers)

by Payal (+ a handlingcharge of 2.5%)

by credit card about about our partner Moneybookers(+ a handlingcharge of 2.5%)

All prices in our on-line shop are valid exclusively by a purchase of these articles on the Internet. Internet and store prices can deviate if necessary of each other. In the retail shops exclusively our prices are valid on site.

A collection of the product in one of our specialist shops is not possible as a rule, because storage and dispatch are partially evacuated.

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